Representing Victims of Mesothelioma for Over 15 Years

The sole focus of Vogelzang Law is representing individuals who have been exposed to asbestos which has resulted in cancer. With over 15 years of experience in mesothelioma and asbestos litigation, Vogelzang Law has the specialized knowledge and resources needed to prosecute complicated cases and the compassion to advocate wholeheartedly for our clients. Because of our sole focus on asbestos litigation our firm has become experts in our field. Attorney Nicholas Vogelzang has a strong track record that proves our dedication to obtaining justice for victims of mesothelioma. We have worked with over two hundred mesothelioma clients and obtained over 200 million in settlements.

With this success our firm has gained the experience necessary to handle the medical, discovery, and bankruptcy areas of the litigation process. As a client you will be served by a unified team of Vogelzang Law staff that are ready to help you with every area of your case. Our staff is dedicated to learning all the details of your case in order to provide each client with continuity of care.

At Vogelzang Law,  we know this diagnosis comes with a lot of questions and uncertainty about the future and that individuals and their families need to focus on medical care above all else. We have relationships with leading mesothelioma physicians around the country, which has allowed us to become very knowledgeable about what an individual and their loved ones can expect after receiving a mesothelioma diagnosis. We treat each client like family; we understand the pressures you and your family are facing during this difficult time and are truly dedicated to learning all the details of your case. By putting our clients’ unique cases at the center of our priorities, we give you the voice of justice that needs to be heard. 

Nicholas Vogelzang
We have the resources and experience of a big law firm with the individual care and attention of a boutique firm